EXAMION Zentrale in Fellbach


Partner for X-ray, digital systems, software, and service for over 30 years

Our company

From a practice management software provider to an experienced radiography partner with a worldwide sales and service network, the EXAMION story with its many successful chapters. With our many years of experience, EXAMION has grown into a very successful one-stop-shop & service for digital X-ray and medical imaging in both human and veterinary medicine. Persistently with the needs of medical practices, medical care centers and clinics in mind, we have been committed to providing future-oriented solutions in X-ray, digital systems, software, and services for over 30 years.

Our innovative X-AQS software not only serves as an operating and control unit for our X-ray systems, but also includes diagnostic viewing, evaluation, and archiving functions for all medical image data.

EXAMION presently serves more than 7,000 installations. We continuously evaluate the needs of the specific market segments and adapt our business activities accordingly.

We support our customers throughout from planning and project management to expert installation and comprehensive service support.


Our EXAMION systems are entirely integrated solutions involving hardware and software components. We put particular importance on hardware durability. Also, our patented EXAMION X-AQS X-ray software is persistently developed. This allows us to provide the constant advances in IT technology and guarantee straightforward operation of our consistently updated software with each new generation computers.



Given our commitment to the 'One Stop Shop & Service' principle, EXAMION has its own national representatives and a strong service network. A personal sales representative is available. In the case of technical support requests, we strive to provide a swift and efficient solution, connecting you with expert engineers. EXAMION operates internationally through its own subsidiaries and a worldwide range of certified sales and service partners.


EXAMION development, sales, and services are closely linked in house. Since we also uphold close contact with our customers, their needs can be integrated directly in the development process. This enables us to develop solutions that contain multiple functions with fast and intuitive operation. Our pioneering approach has led us to effectively advance the existing limitations with different individual systems and integrating the previously separated functions within a single operating system. The EXAMION X-AQS software combines the tasks of image acquisition, diagnosing and image archiving under a unified, modular concept.

Quality awareness

EXAMION is committed to uphold the highest quality standards (link to the QM page). Our company has a quality management system according to ISO 13485. This standard is particularly intended for the design and manufacture of medical devices. Our processes based on this standard are constantly monitored through internal and external audits. The core process is based on standardized product assembly and subsequent comprehensive quality controls.

Value for money

EXAMION X-ray systems offer a superior price-quality ratio. Due to the wide range of systems and the diversity of configuration choices, EXAMION customers only buy the modules they really need. Further modules can be added as and when the need develops. Contact us for more information.