Teilradiologie: Bodengeführte Röntgensysteme von EXAMION

Floor-guided X-ray systems | partial radiology

X-ray systems for applications in human medicine

Our floor-guided X-ray systems are well-established solutions for resident partial radiologists. They are suited to carry out almost all standard X-ray examinations and deliver high-quality radiological images and X-rays.

For digital X-ray, the X-ray systems are combined either with a single mobile detector or with two X-ray detectors – one at the table, the second at the wall-mounted unit.

With their very small footprint, our X-DRS Floor X-ray systems are a valuable alternative to compact swivel bracket systems, being suitable for a comprehensive range of all common X-ray examinations.

Floor-guided X-ray systems consisting of a bucky table and a wall stand

X-DRS Floor Basic

  • Robust and reliable X-ray technology
  • Small-footprint design
  • Superior value for money

X-DRS Floor Standard

  • Easy and ergonomic handling
  • Sophisticated advanced design
[Translate to English:] X-DRS Floor Standard E für optimale Patientenpositionierung

X-DRS Floor Standard E

  • Maximum ease of use
  • Height-adjustable X-ray table
  • Suitable for large, partly radiological medical practices

Advantages of a floor-guided X-ray system for partial radiologists

Low maintenance

Low maintenance keeps maintenance costs to a minimum

Variable equipment

Several possible device configurations for individual partial radiological needs


Competitive pricing

Very high value for money


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