Digitale Röntgensysteme mit Deckenbefestigung von EXAMION

Ceiling-guided X-ray systems

The standard variant for hospitals

A ceiling-guided X-ray system satisfies all requirements in hospitals — from standard X-ray examinations to surgery and shock rooms. The X-ray source can be quickly and easily moved into a variety of positions, so that you can take full advantage of the functions of the ceiling mount. Accordingly, point of care and lateral X-ray imaging can also be carried out effortlessly on recumbent patients.

In most cases, the X-ray system is combined with two detectors – one detector on the table, another on the wall unit. A maximum of four detectors can be connected, for example for on-the-table images or for special image acquisition.

The high-quality systems in our X-DRS Ceiling series are robust and reliably withstand the daily demands in hospitals.

Ceiling-guided X-ray systems

X-DRS Ceiling Standard

  • Complete spectrum of examinations in hospitals
  • Quick and easy parameter changes
  • High performance of X-ray source and generator

X-DRS Ceiling Automatic

  • Auto-positioning according to organ programs
  • Numerous safety functions
  • Automatic stitching

Advantages of a ceiling-guided X-ray system for hospitals

Full range of acquisition techniques

In addition to standard examinations, lateral recumbent images and X-rays with the patient staying in the bed are possible as well

High-quality X-ray technology

State-of-the-art technology in combination with a robust design for excellent results and durable components

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